Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hunting For Rules

This in-progress piece is made using my Citation II typewriter from Sears.

My process is a painterly, human version of ASCII and an oblique form of printmaking. Using a group of symbols of my choosing, I've finally found that magical medium I've been searching for that gives me a nearly mathematical and very meditative solution to creating imagery. When complete, this piece will be 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

I have been hunting for rules for a long time.  During my undergrad as a printmaker, I found myself timing my plates in the acid bath down to the second.  This was simply because I was capable and this gave me ultimate control, not because it was necessary.  I did this during a time of great personal tragedy.  The ability to compartmentalize in modern society is essential to survival. We must leave our baggage at the door and continue our day to day.

The dissimilarity between my process and ASCII (besides not being a computer) is that I allow myself to type multiple layers to create darker values. I start by using my fingernail to emboss the essential structures and lines in each individual square.

 I will be accepting commissions based on photographs.  Prices will be negotiated based on size.  Please email me at for details.