Thursday, August 25, 2016

In - Progress: Kara + Powell's Opening Reception

wip: Kara, 2016, archival ink stamped on paper14.5 x 16 inches

I am so excited that one week from today, I'll be celebrating my solo exhibition Typewriter Drawings & Other Obsessive Methods which will be on view at Powell's City of Books on Burnside in the Basil Hallward Gallery.

Come see me next Thursday, September 1 from 6:30-9pm--the gallery is located upstairs in the Pearl Room, adjacent to the Rare Book Room and the Art Books section. RSVP and more details here!

So pumped to share my new work with you! Kara, featured here, was made using hand-carved diamond-shaped stamps (polymer erasers are amazing for stamps FYI!) and archival ink on paper. Inspired by the four-color CMYK printing process, I considered color in quantity and intensity working from a photograph by layering just one color at a time: yellow, magenta, cyan and then black.

I love the way that the image gradually emerges--though I didn't work with color much in my chromophobic college printmaking experience, I did enjoy the magic of the drastic evolution as each new layer was added. Though less instantaneous, this process evokes a similar transfomative reveal.

In other exciting news, Luxe + Lens will be slinging our hot-off-the-press collaboration:

meta self-portrait--me swathed in my own face...

My typewriter-drawn self-portrait Outline has been transformed into a gorgeous limited edition silk scarf.  Powell's has kindly offered to waive their commission for the scarves for this event, allowing Luxe + Lens to sell directly on the night of the opening, which means that for each Outline scarf sold, $10 will be donated to my favorite non-profit Public Annex! This organization means so much to me and I'm so happy to have another great opportunity to give a little bit back to the community I so cherish.  

Hope to see you at the opening!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Luxe + Lens Limited Edition

I'm pleased to announce another special collaboration this year! My self portrait Outline, has been selected by the incredible Luxe + Lens as their latest limited edition silk scarf--and they are on pre-sale now!

Beautiful friend, beautiful model: Nele Red

I'm also thrilled to have another opportunity to share with Public Annex, a nonprofit and community dear to my heart. For every Outline scarf sold, $10 will be donated directly! Public Annex is an organization here in Portland that works to break down systemic barriers that prohibit marginalized populations from inclusivity by building a community around accessible farming and art programming for people with developmental disabilities.

I'm especially grateful to team up with such talented and brilliant ladies, Rachael and Nele! Rachael (owner of Luxe + Lens) has such a passion for what she does and has been a dream to work with.  She works hard to make a beautiful product while working to support and elevate other artists. I owe Nele (and Wildwood & Co.) for connecting us in the first place and of course for her epic modeling skills.

Each 36" square scarf is 100% silk, hand hemmed, and printed using environmentally friendly machines.  These babies will be shipping by September! Enjoy!

Outline, silk scarf 36" square by Luxe + Lens

Friday, August 5, 2016

Solo Show: Powell's City of Books

I'm absolutely elated to share my recent works at Powell's--what an honor!

Located upstairs in the Pearl Room, the Basil Hallward Gallery at the downtown Powell's has been a personal oasis since I moved to Portland 7 years ago.  Adjacent to the rare book room and in the realm of their collection of art books, I am beyond thrilled to share my work here.  Also, typewriter drawings in a bookstore? Yes!

Detail of the collaborative piece made for The Lab PDX at Holocene at the end of July. This piece debuts at this show!

Please mark your calendars for First Thursday, September 1 from 6:30-9pm and join us to celebrate Typewriter Art & Other Obsessive Methods, a collection of my latest works from typewriter drawings to my most recent large scale works using a variety of media.
Featured in this exhibit: Duo, 2016, CMYK sharpie on paper, 30 x 30 inches

Hope to see you there!