Thursday, February 19, 2015


You do not want to miss the premier LAB PDX, a one-night-only event featuring the talents of DB Amorin (herehere and here), Adam + Rosalynn Rothstein, Craig Saddemier, JOSEPH, and Josh Hoke, and yours truly.

Show produced/curated by Carissa Joy Burkett, Troy Welstad and Luke Delong.

Space is limited so buy your $5 ticket here!


Do Over

detail Mildred "Pamela" Pearl Bennet, 1932 typewriter drawing on rives BFK, 16x20 inches, 2015

Although I fear I'm not a purist anymore, I'm relieved that my third attempt captured this face--which belongs to Mildred "Pamela" Pearl Bennett, age twenty-two in 1932. This piece is a commission for my friend Bart--Pamela is his grandmother. 
It's really easy to create a monster with a typewriter, especially working this small*. To treat something preciously is a sin in drawing (thank you Joe Boblick, Waldek Dynerman and Polly Caster) but this sin is one of the most captivating parts of this process. The point of this self-flagellating exercise is to combat my heavy hand.  So starting one section over completely was a bit of a war--do I continue to hack away and erase and type, only furthering the monstrosity or do I start over? And where do I start over? Do I sacrifice two whole panels and twenty hours of drawing? 
So here's where I ended up. It was really refreshing to remind myself that I am drawing and I can allow myself the freedom of scrapping something. 

Special thanks to Colin Smith for his support and advice.

*For supremely impressive tiny typewriter work, look at the prolific Paul Smith's (RIP) incredible drawings.