Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pet Portraits For My Friend Jess

I am reaching out today on behalf of my dear friend Jessica Poor.  Today happens to be her birthday, and in her honor I have created a Go Fund Me account to raise funds for her as she faces homelessness and continues to struggle with disability and sever physical and mental health issues.

Jessica has helped me and so many others in countless ways.  Always willing to help, when my mom was in hospice, Jess offered me an affordable place to live and emotional support that helped carry me through this difficult time.  Help me pay her back for all of her kindness and generosity!

I am offering custom pet portraits (at 3 price-points) as rewards for your donations--above is a display of the process used to create this full color portrait of Ike and Weezie, my friend Kyle Alexander's adorable babies.  Using the commercial printing CMYK palette and process, I hand stamp each layer in order from yellow, magenta, cyan then black, making for an impressionistic portrait using hand-carved diamond-shaped stamps and archival ink on cotton paper.

The most affordable price-point will earn you a high quality print of this same image--for $25!

I am really excited to draw your fur-babies for a good cause! Please read on and consider donating--every little bit counts.

With Gratitude,

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