Sunday, December 13, 2015

The End Of A Fabulously Busy Year

I am thrilled, relieved, grateful, inspired, and overjoyed--this year has been exceedingly full and exciting in so many ways and it looks like this year is primed to unfold in kind.

I have not updated this baby in awhile because I've been blissfully nestled in a seemingly endless array of deadlines, from holiday gift typewriter-drawing commissions, to web illustrations and too many crochet projects--fortunately for my blog, my wrists are now protesting my use of them, forcing me to take a hiatus from drawing.

I keep getting asked to draw beautiful women--yes, please! Will release full image after Christmas presents are received...

So in the meantime I'll torture myself with these images of projects I can't wait to finish or begin:

I would totally date a grid.

Here's a snap of some freshly scored Rives BFK that I can't wait to dig into. This is intended for my upcoming show at Café Lulu in my hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in April 2016. I've got a huge space to fill and plan to make twelve to fifteen 30 x 44" drawings for this show--at this point mainly using permanent marker and other usual suspects of drawing materials.

* * *
Purple ribbons available at Ace Typewriter in St. John's!

A recovering chromaphobe's in-progress self portrait.
I cannot believe I am finally basking in the magic that is working in color! The idea of creating a four-color CMYK typewriter-drawing was floating around in my head for awhile, but the problem stopping me was locating a yellow ribbon. Thanks to Ace Typewriter I have blue, purple, and standard black and red, but it appears that yellow may not exist--if anyone has leads, let me know! Luckily, my brilliant friend Jessica Poor suggested using Saral yellow transfer paper:

Photocopy of separated yellow layer on top of yellow transfer pape fastened to quality paper allowing the typewriter to transfer marks indirectly.

That pretty blue ribbon--it looks ultramarine but types a stunning cerulean. Tiny view before the cyan layer is added to the completed magenta (well, red) and yellow layer.

 This is why I refer to myself as a closet-printmaker. All of my drawings are attempts to make drawings that look or act like prints. Is typewriter drawing just a masochist's monotype?

* * *

In more leisurely news, I've had the immense pleasure of discovering the Portland Correspondence Coop held every third Tuesday at the IPRC--it's a wonderful community of awesome creative people who meet and make mail art, often involving some kind of mail art exchange with a monthly theme, jovial conversation and a rotating cast of typewriters brought in to test-drive by expert/enthusiast Ethan Jewett of PDX Typewriters. Its free, open to the public and highly recommended--stay tuned via instagram, too!

The PDXCC has reminded me about how great mail art and old fashioned correspondence is in general--I mean, I use a manual typewriter to draw, I should be using it the right way, too.

In my early twenties, I had a solid penpal situation with my dear pal Emily--of which the peak of correspondence took place when we lived on the same street (and still used USPS!)--as well as romantically bombarding potential suitors and my friend Michael, who I met in Milwaukee but was instrumental in and an unforgettable help when I moved to Portland.

Klaus Nomi Elvis stamp

Drawing frivolous things--a forgotten pleasure

Reverse side of a wedding gift waiting to be sent. Color!

Anyway, I'm really excited to have begun a mail-art back-and-forth with Brendan Larsen, one of my favorite drawers I've found on Instagram. Also, I look forward to rekindling the practice of sending unexpected appreciative mail to loved ones as well as some good old typewritten-letter correspondence with Colin Smith and future fun drawing collabo with the talented Quinn Amacher. Anyone else?

* * *

Lastly, I'm excited to announce that my typewriter-drawing, Carissa, is featured in the winter issue of PictureSentence and that the creators of the publication, Robert and Margaret Tomlinson, have invited me to share some of my work in a drawing show Robert is curating at the Western College of Oregon in February 2016.

Also in February, I look forward to a joint exhibition with the incredibly talented Stephanie Yoo* at Darling Press! Brooklyn transplants, she and her loverman Hunter have been super supportive in sharing my work with others and attending my shows (and letting me draw them!). I wouldn't have met them if it wasn't for my amazing cousin and prolific musician Lorna--who now also, along with her wonderful partner Keith, share this beautiful city with us. I'm so spoiled.

That said, I want to express my gratitude for the unending ways my pals and colleagues have offered their undeniable emotional, logistical, creative, brilliant, kind-hearted, and continuous support. Thanks so much for attending my many shows and events this year, and I can't wait to share the details of 2016's already mounting list of shows! Looking forward to the future! XO

*CORRECTION: The show at Darling Press will be a solo show after all, but Stephanie Yoo and I will have a joint show sometime later this year. 

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