Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Lab PDX: Invitation To Draw With Me!


My very first typewriter drawing was made up of 158 five-inch squares. Though I remain fond of using a grid, it's been about two years since I've worked this large, and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to share this process with the public on Thursday, July 28th, at Holocene during The Lab PDX! This one-night-only curated evening of creative expression features an exciting array of visual art, performance and music.

I will be using the above image, a lion statue I fell in love with on a recent trip to Seattle, along with several manual typewriters and YOU to replicate this as a large scale drawing made up of multiple squares to be completed, installed, and shared during this one night only event.  Though I typically use my machine to explore and convey the wild undulations of value, and this image certainly presents a wonderland of shading and line, I want to play with the many different ways marks can be made or images can be recreated. Despite the control/obsession inherent in my own practice, I do enjoy the variety and freedom in the act of drawing and am really excited to unleash others' ways of depicting what they see and/or how they use the machine to make an image! I am so pleased that the egalitarian nature of printmaking is finally making its way into my practice--which often feels so isolating and self-centered.
Typewriter-drawing tutorial/collabo with some of my favorite ladies during the Portland Correspondence Co-Op (PDXCC) meeting--it's every 3rd Tuesday at IPRC and it's FREE! 

I will be borrowing several typewriters courtesy of typewriter-enthusiast/expert Ethan of Ace Typewriter & Machine. He's offered three adorable portables: A Hermes 3000, an Olympia and a Lettera 32!

I can't wait to draw with you--get your tickets here--they're only $8 if you get them advanced!

Event Details:

I'm thrilled by the list of incredible folks involved in making this event spectacular, but I'm super-delighted to finally share the stage, so to speak, with my talented cousin Lorna Dune who will be performing some new dark motorik experimental dance! 

Here are just some of the other talented folks/groups involved: Adam and Rosalynn Rothstein, Megan McKissack, Sue & Shawn, Jenn Steigerwald, Sleeping Wolf, and The Pearls. 

Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door.
Buy tickets here or get mored deets/stay tuned/RSVP here!

Sign-Up To Draw:

Since this drawing is quite an undertaking, I will have a substantial amount completed beforehand so that we can install and finish it during the event! It will be helpful to know who/how many folks wish to be involved, so if you are interested, please email me: redlumlehcar at gmail dot com (It's just my full name backwards).

Looking forward to the future!

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